senior staff professionals are responsible for the technical and administrative management of contracts.  The company is structured to support its clients in a flexible, responsive manner with the decision making authority necessary to properly allocate resources and assignments unencumbered by a complicated chain of command.  The firm is dedicated to the principle that technical support can best be provided by experienced professionals who are technically competent.             employs sound methodology and innovation on all assignments and exercises objective judgement.  The firm's rigorous standards include:

               providing sound, cost concious services

               meeting established milestones

               placing principle before expediency

               maintaining a record of accomplishment and a history of satisfied customers

Each professional staff member has extensive experience acquired during many years of providing computer related services to federal, state and local government organizations, and private industry.  The Field Engineering staff experience averages more than 20 years in providing full maintenance support of electronic equipment.  The professional staff maintains exceptional competency in technical areas and adheres to the highest standards of professional integrity.


           's Field Service organization provides a wide range of maintenance services supporting equipment of over 170 different hardware manufacturers.             provides multi-vendor equipment support and specializes in support of legacy systems manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Compaq, Hewlett Packard (HP), Silicon Graphics (SGI), Sun Microsystems and a myriad of personal comuters(PCs) including related peripherals.

Responsibility as a Contractor

            has committed financial resources and shown the financial responsibility required for operation and administration of substantial contracts.  All commercial and government contracts have been completed on time, within budget.              is proud of its accomplishments in the delivery of timely and responsive service and we encourage inquiry of our customers.